2020-2021 Tuition and Fees

An Ontario Hockey Academy education and hockey experience is both a tremendous opportunity and a deep investment in your child’s future.  OHA strives to make our education affordable to all qualified applicants. We encourage all applicants to consider the Ontario Hockey Academy, regardless of whether they think they can afford the full tuition.  We do our best to admit and fund every student athlete. 



   COUNTRY                  AGE               FEES        FUNDS


Canadian Student           Ages 14-18             $43,000              CND

USA Student                     Ages 14-18             $35,000              USD

International                   Ages 14-17             $45,500              CND

International                   Ages 18-19             $46,500              CND


Tuition: Academic Instruction, all school courses and programs, use of school computers, wireless for the school year and credits leading to a world highly recongnized Ontario Ministry of Education Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Our high school courses are taught on campus, in one of our 11 classrooms, with our own highly motivated secondary school teachers.

Boarding:  Accommodations, complete meal plan in our dining hall.  This fee also includes costs associated with the administration of the Residential Program.

Athletics:   Comprehensive sports program, strength and conditioning program, sport mentorship program, coaching, fitness assessments per year, ice time for games and practices, hotels, transportation costs, meals while on the road, additional activities, team travel, tournament fees and other costs associated with administration of the athletic program (e.g. tournaments, showcases, referees, etc.)

Additional fees:

Boarding and Book Fee: $250 per student


Student Athletic Fee: 

New Players (Male) - $650   Goalies (Male) - $450   
Includes:  Maroon Gloves, Maroon Helmet, Hockey Bag, Team Travel bag, Team Jacket, 

                  Skate Sharpening (for season), Game Tape.

New Player (Female) - $475   Goalie (Female) - $400   (girls are required to have a white helmet)

Includes Hockey and Travel Bag, Maroon Gloves, Team Clothing and Skate Sharpening

All Returning Players - $250 Includes:  Skate sharpening and game tape. Individual equipment may be ordered separately.



It is crystal clear that getting into this world involves 3 investments.



You need to be willing to invest the time.


You will have to invest money to pursue your dream. 


This is not a process for the weak of heart.  It's a long haul and it can wear you out.  But the rewards are well worth it.  Commit your heart to the process.





To move on with your dreams, to play Junior, college, university, world champioships, semi-pro, internationally, profesionally or in the Olympics. It can be well worth the investments.

2nd, COMPETING IN THE PROGRAM that really wants you. Our players receive a tremendous amount of exposure that leads to your child to being  recruitment by a team/school that really wants them. Many of our students end up playing hockey at a school with some sort of scholarship.


Sponsorship and Fundraising

Several OHA students have found, secured and received sponsorships funds to attend OHA. Fundraising is a means of finding resources to help you earn or collect money to pay for some or all of your program tuition. Your resources may include a family member, a close friend, a relative, an organization, a business or all of the above. The fund-raising process is not just about collecting money. It’s about forging relationships, getting out into the community and achieving your goals in a specific amount of time. The majority of individuals that sponsor athletes do so because of a direct interest in a particular athlete. It is going hard work, and will require not only an initial investment of time and energy, but it will also require a long-term investment of that time and energy to servicing your sponsors. Keep in mind it will pay off if properly managed. Let us know, we can help.


Financial Aid or Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships are of the same, where the academy funds a portion of an OHA student year tuition. Financial Aid will be considered on an individual basis and announced accordingly. Financial Aid are renewable each year, provided the recipient maintains good academic standing, participates in school life and meets all other requirements of the school. For more information, visit financial page section.




Canadian Study Permit

All non residence must apply and pay for a valid study permit to attend the Ontario Hockey Academy. If you are an international student, you require a valid study permit to study in Canada and a visiting permit for the United States. Visit our International Student section for more information on the application process.


Personal and Medical Insurance

Students who are not covered by a family health insurance policy for Canada and United States must purchase their own Student Health Plan coverage. A copy of each student’s Health Card or health insurance policy for Canada and USA must be on file prior to school opening. The Ontario Hockey Academy cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or, damage too, a student’s personal property. Parents should ensure that student’s personal belongings, including computers and equipment, are personally insured while at school.

Medical Insurance for Canada or USA or both can be obtained through the following broker, visit

Whether you purchase or use your own insurance coverage, the Ontario hockey academy will not be liable . In choosing an insurance policy, you should consider many factors:


Sundry Expenses and Other Charges

Individual charges vary widely among students, due to different travel distances from the school, athletic, outdoor and cultural interests, and spending habits. Extra charges may include: Canadian student visa, clothing and supplies, sundries and snacks, professional medical services not covered by your Health Plan, dry cleaning and mending services, travel to and from home and taxis to medical appointments, SAT testing and university admissions applications, graduation pictures and ceremony, yearbook, damage charges to room, adventure trips, NSF cheques, and other optional events as they occur.  Cash advances and allowances to students processed by credit card are subject to a 3% fee.


Payment Methods:
• Visa or MasterCard for a nominal fee
• Wire transfer (please contact the Business Office for wire instructions:
• Mail to Ontario Hockey Academy, ATTN: Kim Lascelle, 1541 Vincent Massey Drive, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada K6H 5R6





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