OHA prepares you for that important but somewhat vague reality your parents are always going on about—the future. Boarding school graduates go to the best universities, and a lot of them go on to graduate school. They are highly successful in their professional careers, and they tend to give back too. All in all, not a bad career outlook.


There's also the promise of an exceptional campus environment. You'll live on campus in residences with your classmates and friends—as well as with your teachers and mentors. You'll build lasting friendships and make great memories. From walking over to Tim Hortons to allnight study sessions, you'll be busy. You'll Have Room to Grow.


Any parent who has had to drive a child around town to all the various sports and extracurricular activities she wants to be involved with understands the advantage a residential school offers. Everything is in one place. Instead of your child travelling in a car, OHA students use those valuable hours in the gym or doing extra homework. Best of all, a busy professional parent doesn't have to worry about being a taxi service 6 days a week driving her children all over town.





Maybe the most popular advantage is that—brace yourself—boarding schools give you your freedom! But don't get too excited. You might think of it as "controlled freedom," probably a little less freewheeling than you had in mind. But still, that's a lot better than no freedom, right? Remember what we said about living with your peers?
You'll also live in the same dorms with your teachers.
You'll have a mentor.
You'll have a curfew.
You'll have responsibilities.
But you'll also be treated like a young adult—and expected to behave like one. In other words, OHA gives you the chance to grow up, develop independence, and prepare for college and life. You'll Shape Your Future.

Maybe the most popular advantage is that, brace yourself boarding schools give you your freedom!





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