Good question. Imagine a private high school where you live on a residential campus with all of your classmates and teachers, study in small classes under the supervision of great professors, and spend your afternoons and weekends immersed in HOCKEY and some social activities. That's basically what the Ontario Hockey Academy is. We are—to use the official lingo—generally called "a private university FAMILY preparatory" school, and there are a number of features that set us apart from traditional public and even most private schools.

The Ontario Hockey Academy is a  High Performance Academic-Athletic private school  dedicated to providing ambitious boys and girls the very best in academics along with elite hockey. We provide on-ice hockey practices, off-ice training in our own hockey specific training facility, an extensive game schedule, and numerous scouting opportunities coupled with strong university preparatory academics in an Ontario Ministry of Education credit granting private high school. Visiting our campus during the academic year is one of the best ways to get a sense of daily life here at the Ontario Hockey Academy. We invite you to schedule a weekday visit so you will know whether we are a good fit for you. We invite you to experience it for yourself and, at the same time, give us a chance to get to know you better, too. Hope to see you soon! 


There is a distinct trend that you see in hockey, and even further to the Junior, University and National Program; it's the pursuit of excellence, striving to improve and grow. The game is continually being pushed forward. The hockey talent pool in North America right now is very deep and highly skilled. Players are looking to get that competitive edge. It takes real determination and dedication to keep up with the pack and make no mistake, the pack is on the move. The bar to play Junior, NCAA, or for a National Team, keeps moving forward, and in turn, so does the demand for young players to respond to these new demands and higher expectations.


I attend many hockey camps and have the opportunity to talk to many families; it’s great. All schools are always impressed with players with great speed and strength. Questions are:
                 What do schools have in place to get you to that top level?
                 What resources do they have in place to further your hockey development?

What on-ice and off-ice specific training program do they have to create a fast skater, a smart player and a strong athlete?

Sorry, but flow drills and group workouts won't cut it. The demand for the next level is much more than that. Most girls don’t achieve their actual potential.


Over the past years, the challenge of providing a supportive environment for players in their teen years to combine their love of hockey and their desire to excel in the college ranks has forced academies to alter their programs. It's one thing to 'leave the nest' at 17 years of age to attend university, but there is a trend of players departing home at the age of 14 to live in a community far from home to pursue their vision of playing college hockey and in the Olympics. As womens hockey continues to grow, the path to playing at the highest level has become more complicated. Driven athletes will compete harder on a daily basis and push themselves whether being watched or not. It's an integral part of who they are and what they believe. The push increases when we raise the volume and intensity on players, as they continue to strive for their dream.


If this is the dream, then find a school program that will further your development. Research and ask what specific coaching, on and off ice hockey training along with academics they are going to provide you to help achieve your dreams and goals.





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