Ontario Hockey Academy Academic Mandate


The Academy’s mandate is simple:

1)      Prepare our students for post secondary education. 

2)      Get our students into the university and collleges of their choice.


The Ontario Hockey Academy is a High Performance Academic-Athletic private preparatory school located in Cornwall, Ontario. It is dedicated to providing boys and girls with the very best in academics along with elite hockey. We offer students individual learning with all the responsibility, guidance and tools they need to take control of their own education, and prepare for academic, professional and personal success. Our curriculum meets real-world expectations. Students will be taught the new ways of technology skills learning, through our innovative ways of learning that will empower them into society.   


Schools require you to be not only a good student but a very focused and organized student. If you did not develop these skills in High School then you will have problems. Now you see the challenges that face a school in attracting players to their program. Not only must you be a first rate athlete you must be a first rate student.


Ontario Private School with Ontario Ministry of Education
o    All graduates receive a highly recognize Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
o    Tough but rewarding academics that get you well prepared for University.
o    CIS, NCAA and International approved courses

Small Family Private School - 130 students
o    Every student is a student hockey player
o    You’ll be in a learning environment with students of similar aspirations, goals and dreams.
o    You live with a bunch of sisters and brothers with OHA resident parents assisting whenever need be.

Studying with high athletic-academic achievers becomes contagious.
o    Fact-private school students are 50% more likely than public students to complete a bachelor's or advanced degree.
o    Academic program is integrated into the athletic program; players do not miss class due to the competitive travel schedule.
o    Great cooperation between Academics and athletics.

On Site Tutors and Academic support
o    Nightly Study hall ….. Teachers available in evenings to help with homework
o    Academic Prescription, if child is struggling in a subject, we work with them

Classes are small. Average class size - 12
o    According to CNN, Class size matters with increase learning and retention.
o    Teachers have better management and use more interactive teaching approaches.
o    More personalized attention and more individually tailored academics.

SAT prep Course (NCAA university Acceptance test)
o    SAT prep courses help students maximize their scores on the SATs, for NCAA Clearing House.

100% students attend University, double the public school average
o    We have double the percentages of students that take Calculus and Chemistry than public school
o    We match Academics and Hockey with University Goals. We open doors to top schools in the United States, Canada and Internationally.

See daily Students Grading on line, making report cards obsolete
o    Online grading system, student keep up with their assignments as parents, teachers, coaches and students are able to view grades, attendance, progress and class schedules at any time from any computer or phone.

Students don’t talk about if going to University; they discuss what University they will go
o    100% University placement for our players.
o    We strongly encourage players and families to get involve in the university recruiting route.
o    Our guidance is offered and given since we are very knowledgeable of this complicated process.



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Where Student-Athletes Come Find Their FUTURE


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