Advancing the School through Charitable Giving


Although tuition fees cover the day-to-day operating expenses of the school such as staff salaries, maintenance, taxes and the depreciation of assets; it is the generosity of the Ontario Hockey Academy community of parents, alumni and friends that enables the school to move forward in the areas of capital improvements, new academic and co-curricular programs, and student financial assistance. As with most independent schools, the provision of these enhanced services, facilities and programs depends upon the level of charitable giving. Although always voluntary, it is hoped parents will include the Ontario Hockey Academy as a deserving recipient of their annual or special charitable giving. Donations to the school can be made through gifts of cash, gifts-in-kind, bequests, gifts of life insurance, capital assets, and others.


Parent Ambassador Program

The Ontario Hockey Academy has been offering an excellent learning environment, yet there are some who still remain unfamiliar with our achievements. Who better to describe the Academie’s strengths than our own family members? As the old adage goes “word of mouth” really is the strongest form of advertising. Our Parent Ambassador Program is an initiative designed to recommend the Ontario Hockey Academy to prospective families. There are many ways that our current families can assist in the program. Parents can display view books in their place of business; write a testimonial on the Ontario Hockey Academy experience for our marketing materials; invite friends and acquaintances for a school visit; act as a reference for the academy so that prospective parents can ask questions; or suggest to them to contact our Admission Department. We want to continue to spread the good word about the “Ontario Hockey Academy difference” both at home and abroad and we would greatly value the assistance of our current families. Please contact the Admission Office if you are able to assist.







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