Why more parents are choosing PRIVATE SCHOOLS

Today over 350,000 children in Canada attend a private school.

“Choose a school that plays to your kid’s strengths,” Ms. Kee says. "Family values are also important, and remember, with so many schools, people must do their due diligence,”. 


The NEW Successful way of Training the Student Athletes


New private schools and schools like OHA pride themselves on customer service. The principals emphasized that their classes, markedly smaller than the public school norm, offered a more attentive, individualized education. These principals know each student by name, to answer the phone themselves, and to meet personally with all parents. Regardless of their history, they see customized attention as the backbone of their school. Small class sizes, along with their openness to parents are seen as their distinctive advantage: "Parents know what's happening in our school, and we make sure they know," says Kim Lascelle, OHA director. "We're very much under a microscope. And we want to be under a microscope. It's a microscope of our own making - Parents look at what they're getting for their money, and they should. They're aware because we've made them aware. With smaller classes, teachers get to know each child and can customize learning to suit each one"


Every family has a different reason for considering a private school education, but nearly all agree that private schools provide their children with:

  • Smaller classes

  • More structure

  • Preparation for post-secondary studies

  • Enriched and focused academic setting

  • More emphasis on specialties like athletics

  • Fewer layers of bureaucracy

  • More accountability

  • A shared philosophy and approach to education

  • A specific educational approach

  • A strong academic setting


A program for students who are gifted, require a special schedule due to sport training.





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