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What's the Difference?

Do your homework, there are many differences, and here are some samples.

2015-1016 Tuition and Fees

An Ontario Hockey Academy education and hockey experience is both a tremendous opportunity and a deep investment in your child’s future.  OHA strives to make our education affordable to all qualified applicants. We encourage all applicants to consider the Ontario Hockey Academy, regardless of whether they think they can afford the full tuition.  We do our best to admit and fund every student athlete. 


Their are so many schools and its confusing ….. Here are some tips when doing your research


1-Sports Academies

Do your homework before visiting schools. Many academies and sports schools call themselves a school, but in reality are not registered schools with the ministry of education. These businesses are not educational accredited, but are partnered with the public school systems and use fancy words like "Individual training modules, or private tutored" to sound appealing. In many, most of your money is for hockey because using a public school system to educate your child is mainly free. Ask the name of the institution on the high school diploma, that will tell you what education they use. Recently a University coach said he's having many issues with a players approval through clearinghouse.


2-Traditional Prep Schools

Most prep schools are 3 sport schools and play a short hockey schedule. Many of the top players play on an outside club team to receive the right quality and quantity of games. Many prep school programs are not sanctioned with Hockey Canada or USA Hockey, hence they are unable to participate against top teams, play against top players and participate in top tournaments. Training hockey athletes has changes so much in the past 15 years, and some schools have adjusted their programs to reflect these demands and many others haven't made the adjustments. 


3-National Sanctioned Accredited Hockey Specific Schools

No doubt these schools are hard to find. Although very few, these type of programs like the Ontario Hockey Academy is on the rise. These programs like OHA has the combination of elite hockey specialization program combined with private ministry of education based academics. In short a private registered school with advanced specific hockey training. These programs play a full year over 60 game schedule against the top players and teams, in top recruited tournaments in showcases in North America. These schools mirror what you're going to expect at the next level. 





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