"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual athletic pursuits."

“To be successful in university, students need to know how to think, tackle problems, and express their ideas.  We specialize in utilizing 21st technology to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and time management.  Ontario Hockey Academy university prep program is designed to provide a strong academic foundation needed for student athletes to have a successful college career.  It is our mandate to prepare and place every one of our students in either a Canadian University, NCAA Division 1 program or a superior academic Division III college.  All we require is a strong work ethic and perseverance from our student athletes.  Are you ready to accept the challenge?”


As part of our mission, we will ensure athletics will be conducted in harmony and conformity with the schools's educational mission, while continuing the proud heritage of athletic success that stimulates pride among our constituents and supporters.

Below are the core values of OHA program, both in academics, life and hockey. They are an intrinsic part of our history. The Ontario Hockey Academy considers athletics to be an integral part of the school, as its existence provides students, faculty, alumni and friends an opportunity to share in the life of the high school community.






We  don't just talk about diversity — we care about it. We have created an environment where all students are respected, and we've been recognized as a place where diversity works.

Our students come from all over Canada and from over 15 countries with different backgrounds. We have a variety among our admitted students as it makes for a robust and exciting teaching and learning environment. You'll have friends from different life experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, professional experiences, but all with a common goal. We want students who will do the extra to gain that competitive edge.



One common aspect of OHA that quickly becomes apparent, we pride ourselves on offering a warm, family atmosphere. The dorm has a dorm master living down the hall from where your child lives. The socialization and fostering of relationships continues with family-style meals and relaxing times in with the other student athletes. Our dorm system has a group of students from different parts of the country and from different parts of the world. They engage in activities and projects that build bonds and team spirit.




Farmers and OHA have several things in common. We both plant seeds and nurture growth, with patience and hard work, reap bountiful harvests. And really good student-atletes. The Ontario Hockey Academy has grown great strong successful roots that are able to adapt to changing environments, creating practical and innovative solutions as new problems and opportunities arise. As our roots continue to grow stronger, our atthletic student branches continue to grow successfully in different directions.

As we further develop Ontario Hockey Academy High Performance Hockey program we spend numerous hours of research to study/review how top hockey athletes are developed. Good programs develop good players. It's just so clear cut, the top talent with the occasional exception, now comes from great development hockey programs, especially ones with strong roots.



Student athletes come to OHA to play hockey, but I can tell you for families, education is number one. Hard to compare grade point average (GPA) from one school to the next, each school have different difficulty levels, make it more complicated different test levels. Many students find it quite easy to achieve a 4.0 while others struggle to get a 3.0. Difficulty levels in schools are different is detrimental to the accuracy of a GPA and that the SAT, because it is a standardized test, provides the best indications to a student’s ability. The 3-hour SAT test is demanding and mentally and physically draining; it takes diligence and persistency to see it through. The SATs is basically built on English, Math and Science.

In a recent high school study on CNN, only 12% of high school students graduate high school with a calculus or chemistry course on their transcript. In our program, that number is in the 50% OHA of students taking both chemistry and calculus. Statistics say … 40% of high schoolers will go to post secondary education and  1/2 the students who start university don’t finish, ever. Most students are not university ready when they exit most high schools. Pretty much 100% of OHA graduating students are on track of finishing their university degree within 4 years, well beyond the national average. And doing pretty well in hockey too.



Training programs for athletes have changed over the last 20 years, hit us like technology has. Teenage athletes are demanding sport-specific training that matches the intensities of college or professional athletes. Hence the birth and success of the Ontario Hockey Academy.


University strength and conditioning coaches state that incoming freshman athletes lack physical and psychological preparedness for the riggers of collegiate training and sport competition. More specifically lack of lower extremity strength, overall flexibility, and core strength as well as proper Olympic lifting technique. Strength and conditioning coaches also stated that athletes lacked the mental toughness to endure collegiate sport training in addition to claiming incoming athletes lacked knowledge of correct nutrition and recovery principles.


Although we have an emphasis on hockey on ice and off ice training, the Ontario Hockey Academy extremely value academic goals just as much as athletic ones. OHA athletes that miss class, an assignment or struggle in a course will miss athletics so they can focus on academics.





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